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Have been found in all advanced cultures. The practice in the ancient world of favors by men or women in sacred shrines is attested to be practised in "pagan" cultures in the Old Testament.

Gay male escorts in ancient Greece were generally slaves, as prostitutes could lose their civic rights. A well known case is Phaedo of Elis who was captured in war and forced into slavery and prostitution, but was eventually ransomed to become a pupil of Socrates and give his name to Plato's Phaedo. Ancient Greece and ancient Rome both saw the existence of male escorts.

Work as same-sex male escorts in the Medieval Islamic world was similarly restricted to social "inferiors" such as boys and slaves, and while frequenting with gay male escorts was considered a sin, the practice nevertheless occurred.

Historical evidence from court records and vice investigations shows male escorts highlighted in the gay escorts community in what is now the United States as early as the late 17th century. With the expansion of urban areas and aggregation of gay communities toward the end of the 19th century male/male escorts became more apparent, and included gay baths, gay brothels such as the Paresis Hall in the Bowery district of New York, and gay escorts in bars which so-called "fairies" solicited other men for services and received a commission for selling drinks.

In western cities, male street gay escorts solicited clients in such places as 53rd and 3rd, also known as "The Four Corners", in New York, Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, Piccadilly Circus, in London, "The Wall" in Sydney's Darlinghurst, The Drug Store and Rue Saint Anne in Paris, Polk Street Gulch in San Francisco, Willow Avenue and Easton Avenue, County Route 527 (New Jersey) in Franklin Township, New Jersey and Taksim Square in Istanbul. Bars, such as Cowboys and Cowgirls and Rounds in New York, Numbers in Los Angeles and go-go bars in Patpong were all popular venues for male escorts.